me and the homie

me and the homie

Wine & Beer.

Wine & Beer.

The thirst is real. 

The thirst is real. 

Happy 24th Birthday Emma!

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Bradley Pacquiao 2

We all know about the controversial decision but what did I think of about the 2nd bout?

Solid fight overall. The first thing I immediately noticed is Pacquiao’s speed is gone. His quickness and power is definitely declining. He looked fast and quick on his last fight because Rios is slow (Not degrading Rios at all he has my favorite fight of all time with Alvarado). But now Pacquiao is not the same.

But now on to the fight night. Bradley easily had the first 5 rounds-ish. It appeared to flip roles from the first fight. If he had stuck to his game plan through out the fight he could have easily won the rest of the fight. But then he got sloppy, whether he pulled his calf or not. Pacquiao took advantage and won the rest of the fight. Was it as wide a margin as the first fight, nope. Was it as wide as the judges had it (118-110?), I disagree and thought it was a closer fight.

The big discussion about Bradley Pacquiao 2 is if Pacquiao’s killer instinct is still there. Mentally, sure but physically I think other wise. As previously stated his speed is gone. The iconic speed is making its way out. His power is slowly going with it, his last knockout was how many years ago. He fought majority of the fight flat footed. He used to have good footwork but the other night was not one of them. His head movement is getting sloppy and his head is taking the punishment. He ate a hard shot from Bradley and got rocked early. Sure his confidence is keeping him going but for him 35 is taking a toll on his performance. The older Pacquiao would instantly go for the kill when he saw blood in the water but learned his lesson from Marquez. There were a few times he could have gone for the knock out against Bradley but opted otherwise. I really wanted the knockout but it was the smart move not to. But with that said the old excitable Pacquiao that would get excited when the crowd cheered him on is gone.

On the flip side Bradley has clearly gotten better since the first fight. He is fighting smarter but still has flaws in his fight game. His power has gotten a lot better. Not gunna lie but I loved it when he was trading and he was like nope didn’t hurt. I love shit talking while the fight is going on haha. Do I think he is one of the best, not really. But he is surely improving.

What next for Pacquiao? I’ve been saying it for years. Retire. He has made huge impression on boxing history and should leave it on a positive note. I do not want him to end up as a scrub just fighting and losing for money. As previously stated, his physical performance is declining. Who knows Mayweather may call him out now after last nights performance. I’m pretty sure Mayweather would win. But that mega fight should have happened when Pacquiao was in his prime. As for Bradley, he can definitely come back as a champ. 

Fights i’m looking forward to/I want to see:

Bradley Provodnikov II

Cotto Martinez

Mayweather Maidana

Golovkin Cotto/Mayweather/Chavez Jr. (or all 3)

Ward Chavez Jr. 

Rios Alvarado III